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Our core values are patient focus, integrity, respect for people and transparency. We expect our employees to share our values, to act transparently and with integrity at all times.

We motivate our employees to put our values at the heart of every decision they make through strong leadership, offering individual development opportunities and rewarding employees for how they work as well as what they achieve. We want everyone at GSK feel proud of the work that they do, the company they work for, and the difference they make.


"Our values, and how we conduct ourselves, should be something that truly differentiates us." Sir Andrew Witty - Chief Executive Officer

Our Values

Patient focus

We do what’s right for patients and consumers and stick to  the highest levels of ethical medical  practice and governance.

Respect for people

Our inclusive  working environment reflects the diversity  of our patients and consumers and the communities in which we operate.


We’re focused on performance while acting legally and fairly in all circumstances, looking for principles,  not loopholes.


We’re honest about  what we do, how we do it and the  challenges we face

Valuing Our People

We live our values

Our business is not just about selling products. Our values empower our people to make choices that focus on the best interests of patients and consumers, so we can help people do more, feel better, live longer.

We respect each other

Like our patients and consumers, our people come from all cultures and backgrounds. After all, what better way to make sure we create products that meet the needs of everyone? It’s why we welcome all talented people and have many working groups, for example for LGBT+, gender and disability, to make our culture as inclusive as possible.

We volunteer globally

If you’re one of our employees, we support you to volunteer in many ways. For example, you could join a non-profit organisation at home or overseas – usually for three or six months full-time – with our PULSE volunteer partnership.


Our culture

For us, it’s all about purpose and performance. At GSK we ask that everyone commits to living our values and performs against our priorities. And in return, we commit to giving our people the right environment to thrive. Ultimately, we want work to ‘work’ for everyone.

It’s simply about you being motivated to  do your best work, in a place where you can be you, feel good and keep growing. It’s only through the energy, commitment, drive and passion of all of us that we can be the very best for GSK, and importantly, for our patients and consumers.