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Thinking about joining GSK's graduate training programme for future leaders?

For most markets and FLP roles, we have 4 stages to our recruitment process:

1. Application Form

2. World of GSK Online Assessment 

3. GSK Life Job Simulation

4. Assessment Centre

3.  GSK Life – Job Simulation

Make it through to the next stage and we’ll see how you might perform in your chosen programme. It’s also your chance to get a feel for what it might be like to work with us.

You’ll be presented a scenario with some key business facts and asked to respond through video, writing and multiple choice. We’ll also ask you more about why you want to work here and, if you’ve applied for a technical role, we’ll ask you some technical questions.

Whether you make it through to the next round or not, we’ll give you feedback to help you maximise your strengths in future.


Be thoughtful – consider why you want to work for us on the programme you’ve chosen and share your reasons honestly.

Be timely – you’ve got 35 minutes to complete the assessment with a set time for each question, so be ready and focus.

Be prepared – have a pen, paper and calculator to hand. You may want to take notes and, for some questions, you’ll need to interpret numerical data and complete calculations.

Check your internet – make sure your internet connection is reliable before starting the assessment.

Take care – read the instructions carefully and complete the assessment in a quiet room with no distractions. We suggest you do so at the time of day you feel most energised.

Get help – feel free to contact us if you experience any technical issues while completing the assessment. If you need any reasonable adjustments due to a disability, please also get in touch.


4.  Assessment Centre

If you progress to our Assessment Centre, congratulations. You’re through to our final stage.

This is your chance to get even more of an insight into what it’s like to work at a world-leading healthcare organisation. You’ll also have the opportunity to see how you’ll fit in – you can ask questions, meet potential future colleagues and see our working culture for yourself.

You’ll spend half a day taking part in immersive exercises. These will include individual exercises and a group, or paired, exercise. Depending on your chosen programme, you might also have to give a presentation and complete a practical or technical exercise. You’ll receive more information in your Assessment Centre invite. Finally, you’ll have a face-to-face, strengths-based interview.

We’ve designed the Assessment Centre to bring out the best in you, so we can see what you’re capable of and we can show you why we’re such an exceptional place to work.


Be yourself – relax and show us your strengths. We want to help you find your perfect job, so you can fulfil your potential.

Keep calm – don’t worry if an exercise doesn’t go well. You’ll have other chances to impress us.

Interview us – feel free to ask us lots of questions to find out whether we’re right for you.