How to formulate and reach your goals!

Do you want to learn how to better formulate tangible goals and how to reach them?



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16:15 till 18:00   CET

How to formulate and reach your goals!

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Om How to formulate and reach your goals!

  • You have to make a lot of choices in life; How do I know if I am making the right choices and making the right decisions?
  • How can I make my dreams come true and reach my goals?
  • Do our different personalities affect us?
  • What prevents me from reaching my goals and how can I get past the obstacles?

Come and listen to Lotta Holmqvist, Bachelor in Psychology, consultant in Organisation, group and individuals and certified coach. Lotta has extensive experience in working with the development of companies, groups and individuals and she has coached hundreds of people to achieve their goals!

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Room EC1:135 at Lund University School of Economics and Management, Tycho Brahes väg 1, Lund, Sverige