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For over 140 years, Prysmian Group has been leading the industry in high-tech cables and systems for energy and telecommunications. Our presence in 50 countries and our 29,000 employees make us the driving force behind the world's energy transition and digitalisation.

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Drive, trust and simplicity are part of our DNA. At Prysmian you will find the resources to work in an environment that promotes individual responsibility, employee development, diversity and a feedculture. Whether it's through our employee survey, our international programmes, or our internal academy dedicated to development.
Prysmian is also a company resolutely committed to inclusion and equality between men and women, because we all have a role to play in advancing this major societal cause.
Our ambition: to build a more sustainable world, thanks to and with our employees.
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Prysmian Group | Cables, Energy & Telecom Solutions
For our site in Menzel Bouzelfa, Tunisia, we are actively looking for an industrialization engineer (M/F). In this mission, you will integrate the existing industrialization team with 2 technicians and a manager and will work on new products to be manufactured in a better and faster way. Your main activities are:
  • Design and lead industrialization projects,
  • Determine material, technical, human and financial needs to industrialize new products in due time, quality and cost,
  • Together with R&D Connectivity SE, design/review, prepare and setup the manufacturing processes related to the new products to be produced in PCST,
  • Manufacture prototypes,
  • Measure manufacturing times and compare with standards, trigger improvement projects,
  • Write any documentation related to product development: specifications, work instructions, checklists, user manuals,
  • Design production pokayoke to allow robust operations, minimizing scraps and inefficiencies,
  • Define related tests and procedures, and control their applications on the manufacturing lines,
  • Train all interfaces on the new procedures, methods, products: Training, Production (management and operators) and Quality,
  • Analyze non-conformities or anomalies and propose corrective actions,
  • Propose technical evolutions and lead improvement projects,
  • Provide technical support and expertise to Production, Quality, Maintenance and Training departments.

Your responsibilities are linked to health, safety and environment as follows:
  • Inform the line manager in case of violation of QSE rules,
  • Inform the line manager in case of dangerous situations for the health and safety of the co-workers,
  • Be committed, respect and improve the QSE rules and to assure their enforcement,
  • Be a key figure in the implementation and improvement of QSE rules.

To succeed in this mission, you will need:
  • Strong background and knowledge in mechanical and/or electrical engineering,
  • Strong analytical mindset,
  • Knowledge in statistics,
  • Design of experiments,
  • Programming skills: C/C++ or equivalent, VBA, Matlab (Octave), Minitab or any other scientific computation software,
  • Project management.

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