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Grow. Make a difference. Together.

Do you know what you will be doing in five years?

Don't worry if the answer and vision isn't clear as crystal because frankly - we don't have it either. However, when it comes to our expertise, we want to invest in the competence development of our people. Whether it is about technologies, practices or some other aspects that are crucial for professional growth.
So that your work will still be meaningful and rewarding year after year.

Who are we?

At Knowit, digital services are part of sustainable development. That is why our clients in both public and private sectors rely on us to develop sustainable and innovative applications and systems for public services and critical business needs.
We are now looking for Java developers at Knowit Solutions to strengthen our teams working on various web development projects.
In our software development projects, we work in teams, so you always have a skilled colleague from your own team by your side. Our work in Java focused projects can be seen across various applications and citizen services in public sector - and like all of our clients, these too are characterized by long-term client relationships and our role as a trusted partner.
What kind of developer and technical competence we are looking for?
In technical terms, we hope you to have modern programming skills in Java based application development. You might have either back-end or full-stack background but we hope you to have good abilities to write high-quality, tested and easily maintainable code, as we have a professional pride in our work. Moreover, we have a built-in curiosity to learn and develop ourselves, so that's something we wish you to have too.
In our agile teams, the tasks are versatile, and not everything needs to be mastered. However, if your toolkit includes skills in following areas, you might be the new colleague we are looking for:
  • Java, Spring, Spring Boot
  • SQL or NoSQL databases
  • Software version control (Git)
  • Agile software development
  • DevOps practices
  • Front-end skills (TypeScript, React, Vue) are plus, but it is also a competence area in which we support your competence development in case you haven't had an opportunity to put your hands into it before

It is a big plus if you have an interest in and experience with public cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, or GCP). As a training organization, we however offer opportunities for certifications and learning new skills through work, and for experienced professionals, we also offer the opportunity to maintain and develop their skills further.
Due to our customer projects, we also expect you to be in your comfort zone working in both Finnish and English.
Some buzzwords related to the role and the team: Scrum, DevOps, CI/CD, JavaScript, React, Redux, Vue, Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Hibernate.

Why Knowit?

At Knowit, we value versatile expertise and the willingness to learn new skills. We are all makers at heart; we do what we promise, with best of our ability and with a big heart. We are proud of our hands-on work and deep expertise.
To ensure that this is not just a one-sided wish list, we want you to have the opportunity to influence your role and take as much responsibility in client projects as you want. We want you to have opportunity to drive your competence development supported by us, whether it will be about newest specific technologies or a longer path in specializing as an expert of your field.
You are most welcomed to join our team as yourself, as a complete person. For us, an easy-going and professional work environment is an absolute value, and your team member is always just one slack message away.
What we offer you:
  • A team and community where it's easy to develop and get help when needed. We have professionals at different stages of their careers, and we offer opportunities that challenge and develop both recent graduates and experienced professionals.
  • Internally highly appreciated People Lead model. Our supervisors' main task is to enable you to have the best possible conditions to succeed in your work and develop professionally.
  • Time and resources to develop your skills during working hours (training, certifications, guild activities, your own personal competence development plan)
  • Job rotation between various client projects in different industries
  • Environments in which tech stacks are up to date. We work with modern technologies and tools, as well as best practices, and we have strong technology partnerships with major players in the industry. At the same time, we are curious and ready to learn new things and challenge the status quo.
  • Flexible remote/hybrid work
  • Excellent work-life balance. We work on significant and meaningful projects in sustainable digitization, but each of us is a complete person, and there are important things outside the work too.
  • Other comprehensive employee benefits (lunch, commuting, sports/culture, extensive occupational health care, health insurance, bicycle benefit, working tools of choice, ergonomic home office, recruitment and sales lead bonuses, possibility of temporary remote work abroad, named countries).

You can also learn about us and our work in software development
In case you recognized that joining our team of Makers could be the kind of opportunity you'd enjoy, let us hear about you more by sending an application!
If you come up with any questions or want to have a quick chat before making any further decisions, just reach out for Talent Acquisition Partner Sebastian Stengård, whose contact information can be found on our career page.
Our Talent Acquisition team is on holidays in July thus we will get back to you in August!

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Sebastian Stengård
Talent Acquisition Partner

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