Master thesis: Machine Learning for Ultra-Low Power IoT Devices hos Syntronic

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Machine Learning for Ultra-Low Power IoT Devices

Description of the thesis proposal: 

In this master thesis, we would like to explore the possibility to utilize Machine learning for ultra-low powered IoT devices to determine trends and respond accordingly through a management system. 

Ultra-low powered IoT devices is becoming more and more popular in today’s industry, one aspect we would like to analyze is: Would it be possible to apply machine learning to manage ultra-low power IoT devices and which machine learning models would be most suitable to process the sparse data from the devices.

Today we have a cluster of ultra-low powered IoT devices that communicates their status, how much battery they have, the light levels and temperature within the office environment, etc. Our vision is to utilize machine learning models in order to identify trends in battery life and light levels to determine the sustainability of these devices and through a management system communicate and adjust operating conditions of the devices.


  • Examine and determine what machine learning model is most appropriate for ultra-low IoT devices.
  • Develop a machine learning algorithm suitable for our products and environment.
  • Develop data processing framework that can be integrated with a micro-services based management system.
  • Processing and relaying information through the management system based on observed trends.

What we’re looking for:

The proposed project will require a dedicated student with a background in software development that has an interest of machine learning. Depending on the applicant’s background and interests, we are flexible in the exact scope of the thesis project.

What we offer:

Experience working life at a global company that develops tomorrow’s technology, through our student collaboration scheme.

At Syntronic, we acknowledge that most great achievements start with a university degree and a dream. Although our team of 1500+ highly qualified experts are active on three continents, the first chapter of our story was written by a young graduate student with a vision.

At Syntronic, we give you as a student the opportunity to produce your degree project in collaboration with us. The offer adds a real-life element to your education. You will meet experts in your future field of work  and experience the technology industry first-hand. 


We look forward to receiving your resume and, preferably, a personal letter in which you explain why want to write your master’s thesis with Syntronic. 

We screen and evaluate applications on an ongoing basis.

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