Master thesis: Advanced optimization for 5G radio algorithms hos Ericsson

About this opportunity


Advanced signal processing algorithms are a key-enabler for securing power-efficient radio base stations. In particular, mitigating the nonlinearity of power amplifiers is vital to minimize power consumption and operational costs without incurring in deterioration of signal quality.

A common approach to mitigating the effects of PA’s nonlinearity is the use of crest factor reduction (CFR), and digital pre-distortion (DPD) techniques. While traditionally considered as two independent blocks, recent approaches strive to understand and exploit the mutual interactions of these two cornerstones of radio algorithms.

The thesis work explores the influence of CFR in DPD design, and the advantages of a joint optimization of the two blocks. The work will thereafter focus on proposing novel solutions to secure a more efficient process of optimization and design.


What you will do


  • Analyze the latest DPD and CFR solutions for 5G radios.
  • Drive simulation-based analysis to study the variation of CFR parameters on DPD and overall performance.
  • Propose and test novel approaches for combined optimization of CFR and DPD.


You will bring


Passion for learning and innovation and solid background in the following topics:


  • Digital signal processing
  • Wireless communication
  • MATLAB programming
  • Familiarity with machine learning is seen as a plus


Why join Ericsson?

At Ericsson, you´ll have an outstanding opportunity. The chance to use your skills and imagination to push the boundaries of what´s possible. To build never seen before solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems. You´ll be challenged, but you won’t be alone. You´ll be joining a team of diverse innovators, all driven to go beyond the status quo to craft what comes next.

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